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Child Care Enrollment


Open registration will be maintained until classrooms have reached their maximum capacity. At that time, if space becomes available, parents who are on the waiting list will be contacted about the availability. Children must be registered every 12 months unless they are registered for a specialized program (which is due at the beginning of each program). However, any changes in the child’s enrollment information must be made immediately upon the change taking place (i.e., address, phone, etc.). Parents/guardians are responsible for maintaining the required record information. During the enrollment process, parents/guardians must submit evidence of age-appropriate immunizations or a signed affidavit against such immunizations. This documentation MUST be received within 30 days of the child’s enrollment. Remember, your child will not be guaranteed a spot until all enrollment forms are completed and the registration fee and first-week tuition are paid in full.


1. Child Enrollment Forms

  • Collects Personal Information
  • Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Parental Agreements with Child Care Facility
  • Parent/Guardian Notice of No Liability Insurance and Acknowledgement
  • Medication Authorization (if applicable)
  • Transportation Agreement (if applicable, ALL Summer Camp students MUST submit this form)
  • Vehicle Emergency Medical Information (if applicable, ALL Summer Camp students MUST submit this form)

2.Copy of your child’s most recent immunization records

3.If prescription medication is to be dispensed during school hours, a doctor’s note with the following information must accompany the medication and be filed in child’s records. Note: NO medication will be administered if ALL documentation is NOT received:

  • Must state that the center staff has authorization to administer medication
  • Length of authorization
  • State the name of the child
  • State the name of the medication and prescription number
  • State the dosage
  • State the scheduled time for the medication to be administered
  • State any other instructions regarding the administration
  • List any adverse reactions that the staff should look for